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Helping a Security Services Organization Chart a Course for the Future

Project Overview

How does an industry leader stay ahead of the pack? U.S. cash-in-transit and cash vault services provider Davis Bancorp approached Bailey to create a series of videos demonstrating the value of their critical logistical and security services to current and prospective customers.

The Bailey team began by holding an in-depth immersion session with key stakeholders to better understand Davis Bancorp’s business goals and develop key messages for the first video in the series. We then crafted a script and captured on-site footage of the organization’s fleet of armored cars in action on the streets of Chicago, IL.

“Chart the Safer Course” demonstrates how Davis Bancorp’s stellar customer service (bolstered by a record of on-time deliveries, operational and fiscal resilience as well as low employee turnover) have helped alleviate industry-wide pain points. Watch the full video below:

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