Bimbo Bakeries & Disney Organic Bread Spot

Bailey, Bimbo & Disney Make Mealtime Magic

Bimbo Bakeries and The Walt Disney Company recently partnered to launch a new line of organic white bread with whole wheat for kids. To celebrate this delicious and nutritious new addition to its product offering, Bimbo reached out to Bailey to create a 30-second spot featuring Disney’s iconic Mickey and Minnie Mouse characters. Watch the video below.

Bringing the Ingredients Together

A hybrid of live-action filmmaking and traditional animation, the spot highlights Bimbo’s eco-friendly manufacturing processes and the mouthwatering natural ingredients that make its bread so unique. Bailey crafted the script, cast the talent, efficiently captured the video elements, coordinated with the off-site animation team and edited all of the elements together in-house to bring the concept to life.


Enjoy a Taste of Wholesome Family Fun

Three distinct versions of the spot were created for each member of Bimbo’s family of premium bread brands: Arnold, Brownberry and Oroweat. The new product line is now available in grocery stores and from food retailers all over the country.


Arnold Organic Bread video has been recognized by the 43rd Annual Telly Awards, winning two silver awards in the Social Video category and by Graphic Design USA as a 2022 Digital Design Award Winner. We are proud of the recognition earned while making our clients' brands matter!

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