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Focused on the Future: Commemorating a Year of Planning, Positioning, and Unprecedented Success

Project Overview: Crown Holdings 2023 Annual Report

Crown Holdings, Inc. is a global leader in the development of innovative metal packaging technology and solutions. The organization achieved its best year ever in 2023, and partnered together with Bailey to bring this story to life in its latest annual shareholders’ report.

Crown took meaningful steps to bolster its business in 2023, building upon years of careful planning to address current market needs and to strongly position itself to drive future success. The organization’s demonstrated strength, stability, and steadfast forward thinking informed our approach to developing the report’s dramatic visual design language and bold, high-impact infographics.

The Bailey design team utilized contrasting colors within a unique design framework centered around the themes of focus and precision. This sophisticated and modern visual system supports the brand’s unprecedented success story and reinforces its five core values: Put People First; Govern Ethically & Responsibly; Operate Sustainably; Commitment to Quality; and Innovate Every Day.

With a benchmark year duly commemorated in its 2023 Annual Report, Crown Holdings, Inc. is poised to build upon its success in 2024 and beyond.

Crown Holdings 2023 Annual Report cover and inside spread design on light blue background
Crown Annual Report 2023 Grid of different spread layouts from the report

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