Star Building Systems Playbook & Visual Brand System

Building a solid strategic foundation for a top steel building brand

Star Building Systems works with leading builders and contractors to create custom-engineered steel building solutions. In order to stand out in a crowded category—and to clearly differentiate itself within the Cornerstone Building Brands portfolio—Star partnered with Bailey to update its brand positioning and bring it to life through a contemporary visual brand system.

Bailey conducted stakeholder interviews and in-depth consumer research to shape a comprehensive understanding of the brand and its target audience. The strategic playbook adapts those findings into actionable internal resources, including everything from attributes and external messaging to specific design considerations.

Three photos showing the inside of the Star Building Systems company brochure enforcing the visual brand sysytem

A fresh start for Star Building Systems

The Bailey design team brought the new Star positioning to life through a cutting-edge, modern visual system emphasizing dynamic motion to capture a sense of forward momentum inspired by the brand logo and value proposition: “empowering builders to advance their business.” The new system was applied throughout the playbook and across a range of supporting materials, including a builder kit containing product samples and promotional items.

Star Building Systems company brochure highlighting the visual brand system
Star building systems brand kit
Power point templates for Star Building Systems enforcing the visual brand system

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