Crown Holdings Annual Report 2021

Confident. Committed. Consistent: Celebrating a Year of Steady Progress

Crown Holdings, Inc. is a global leader in the development of innovative metal packaging technology and solutions. Looking back on a year of positive momentum and growth, the organization reached out to Bailey to design the Crown Holdings annual report 2021.

One of the key benefits of beverage cans is their ease of recyclability—a can can be manufactured, distributed, sold, recycled and returned back to the market within six weeks. This process of continual reuse and renewal informed our approach to developing both the visual design language and eye-catching infographics featured in the 20+ page report.

Utilizing a unique graphical motif centered around circularity and interconnectivity, our team explored bright and inviting colors within a sophisticated design framework that reinforces the brand’s six core values: Put People First; Innovate Every Day; Govern Ethically & Responsibly; Operate Sustainably; Commitment to Quality; and Strategic Global Presence.

Crown Holdings Annual Report 2021 Cover
Crown Holdings Annual Report and Cover2021

Visualizing Success

The Bailey design team sought to capture the infinite potential of a beverage can and the global nature of Crown’s business through a dynamic visual system that supports the overall brand positioning as well as the organization’s reputation as a best-in-class employer and responsible corporate citizen. With their 2021 annual report in hand, Crown Holdings, Inc. is approaching 2022 from a position of strength.

Crown Holding Annual Report 2021 Multiple Spreads
Crown Holdings Annual Report 2021 Detail
Crown Holdings Annual Report 2021 Detail

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