Crown Holdings Annual Report 2020

Shedding new light on the brand’s accomplishments in a year of unprecedented challenges

Amid a period of uncertainty, beverage cans experienced a year of strength and increased consumer loyalty. To capture this theme of “Forging Ahead” amid adversity, Crown Holdings, Inc. partnered with Bailey to design its 2020 annual shareholder report.

Across the 30+ page document, our team contrasted bold, black-and-white photography with vibrant pops of product-centric color. The stark visual style supports the brand’s commitment to innovation and creativity, as well as its six core values: Put People First; Innovate Every Day; Govern Ethically & Responsibly; Operate Sustainably; Commitment to Quality; and Strategic Global Presence.

Picture of the Crown Holdings Annual Report 2020
The front of annual report combined with a photo of interior pages

The Bailey design team sought to capture Crown’s strength and momentum through iconic, eye-catching imagery that supports the overall brand positioning as well as the organization’ reputation as a best-in-class employer and responsible corporate citizen. With their 2020 annual report in hand, Crown Holdings, Inc. is approaching 2021 from a position of strength.

An interior picture of the annual report featuring a Heineken can
Image of an insert from the annual report
Insert from the annual report featuring a man smiling and the company values
Photo of interior pages from the Crown Holdings Annual Report 2020 featuring a Brut can

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