Grains Almighty Sunflower Photographed in front of a light cream background with seeds, grains, honey sticks, wheat, dispersed around the center sunflower
Grains Almighty Bimbo Logo in Black

Partnering with the World’s Largest Baking Company to Launch a Mighty New Product Line

Project Overview

Bimbo Bakeries USA partnered with Bailey to launch Grains Almighty, a brand-new product line targeting young, health-conscious adults. The new line consisted of two unique SKUs: Gut Balance and Plant Protein.

Bailey collaborated closely with the Bimbo project team to better understand the target audience and market niche. We then crafted compelling on-pack language to highlight the unique positioning of Grains Almighty within the wellness category while emphasizing the two flavors’ natural ingredient profiles to drive appetite appeal.

What We Did

Our design team built upon this flavor-forward strategy, bringing authentic and eye-catching images of the product ingredients to the forefront of its packaging design concepts, which were further reinforced through impactful animations deployed via social media platforms.

Custom illustrations of chickpeas, sunflower seeds, peas, honey and barley explode against an uncluttered backdrop to emphasize nutritional power and health impact of the product. Bold pops of orange and green distinguish the two flavors—both from one another and from competing products on the shelf. Flavor-specific iconography and a strong stylized logo treatment featuring wheat stalks further reinforce the unique Grains Almighty positioning.


Grains Almighty Gut Balance and Plant Protein breads launched successfully in East Coast retailers in spring 2023 and have since been rolled out to other regions throughout the United States.

Grains Almighty Social Image Showing Peas and Grains and Says "Plant Protein with 9 grams of Protein Per 2 Slices"
Grains Almighty Social Image Showing Peas and Grainsand Honey Sticks and Seeds along with the Arnold Logo and Says "Grains Almighty"
Grains Almighty Social Image Showing Seeds and Honey Sticks and Says "Gut Balance with Prebiotics and a Good Source of Fiber"