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Project Overview: OPEX® Brand Evolution

OPEX has a legacy of success in the warehouse and document automation spaces dating back to 1973. For nearly 50 years, the brand has engineered customized, scalable solutions that improve workflow, accelerate change and enable meaningful infrastructure efficiencies for their customers.

While OPEX has consistently driven innovation in the form of hardware, software and services, the brand itself needed to evolve to keep pace with changes in the market and to continue to connect with current and prospective customers.

OPEX partnered with Bailey to harness the historic strengths of the brand, to reshape internal and external perceptions, to unify communication across the business and to define a singular purpose the entire organization could rally around.

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45+ years of being family owned and operated
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What We Did

In order to better understand the perceived strengths and challenges facing the brand, Bailey first arranged interviews with key internal and external stakeholders. Our team toured OPEX’s facilities to get a first-hand view of their products, services and technical capabilities. We also conducted extensive competitive and comparative research to better understand existing best practices within the category, and to identify opportunities for OPEX to stand out among its competition.

We found that the markets for document and warehouse automation lacked significant differentiation, providing OPEX with a huge opportunity to break through and stand out. We collaborated with senior leadership to better understand the organization’s core values, and how those principles drive every aspect of its business—from the way they work to how they serve their customers.

We leveraged OPEX’s legacy of success, engineering competence and penchant for innovation to develop market-specific messaging that clearly articulated the strengths and benefits of the brand as it relates to the document and warehouse automation spaces. A new visual identity and brand system was developed to elevate the technical feel and innovative nature of the brand. The new look was applied to both lines of business, unifying them and creating a cohesive whole and an ownable identity within the marketplace.

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Bailey Brand Consulting OPEX Next Generation Automation. More than a manufacturer of automation machines, OPEX continuously reimagines technology to power the future for our customers.
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An internal rollout of the new brand system helped capture the hearts and minds of the entire OPEX team. The new brand system debuted with the launch of the OPEX Infinity™ warehouse solution at the MODEX trade show in 2021. The launch included the Infinity identity, video, new product photography, a teaser email campaign, trade booth experience, web landing page and all new sales presentations.

Bailey Brand Consulting OPEX Display Ad "Warehouse Automation is About to Change Forever. Launching at MODEX 2022"
Modex Launch Page
Bailey Brand Consulting OPEX Infinity Launch Booth MODEX Side Design with People in Front
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