Bailey Video Podcast: Why Is Brand Purpose So Important?

September 2021

We are proud to debut the Bailey Video Podcast, a new web series centered on brand creation and development. In each episode, Bailey’s branding experts are joined by industry leaders and subject matter experts from across the country to candidly discuss some of the most important topics facing brands and businesses today.

Our first episode features insights on the topic of brand purpose from Bill Levisay, President of Bolthouse Farms Brands, and Bailey Brand Consulting President and CEO Christopher K. Bailey. Over the course of the conversation, the two compare notes on the power of being purpose driven, what it means to lead by example and the delicate balance between purpose and performance.

Click above to view the conversation. Topics include:

  • What Is Brand Purpose and Why Is It Important?
  • How Do You Create Alignment Between Internal & External Messaging?
  • How Do You Stay Authentic With Your Brand Purpose?
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To learn more about this topic or to discuss an issue impacting your business, contact Bailey’s Vice President of Client Services, Jamie Gailewicz, at 610-818-3103 or email us at [email protected].