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Helping a Cold Storage Solutions Provider Bring the Heat in Its Digital Marketing Efforts

Project Overview: Vector Lab Products

Vector Lab Products, a division of Follett Products, delivers a full line of cold storage products and solutions for the Life Sciences and Academic Research markets. Challenged by low awareness in a crowded category, the brand partnered with Bailey to develop a comprehensive go-to-market strategy to support its lead-gen efforts and create a robust pipeline for sales.

Our team began by conducting internal stakeholder interviews to better understand Vector Labs’ portfolio of products as well as current perceptions of the market—and to build out a customer profile based on stated priorities and purchasing behaviors. The insight we uncovered presented a clear case for change and enabled our teams to align on a path forward.

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What We Did

In partnership with senior leadership at Vector Labs Products, our team conceived, developed and executed a sprawling multiphase digital marketing and brand awareness initiative. Bailey brought its expertise in brand strategy, content creation, design and creative, web and digital development, and video production to bear with a singular focus: to holistically execute and deploy the established go-to-market strategy across a wide range of customer touchpoints.

An essence video was produced to establish a credible and contemporary look and feel and tone of voice for the brand, and to drive key messaging priorities. Bailey shot on location in a laboratory environment to create custom video and photographic assets that would help differentiate the brand against the generic stock imagery used by many of its competitors.

We employed a visual palette rich in blues and sterile whites to further reinforce the credibility of the brand and to guide design work across a variety of related assets. A sales video focusing on the features and benefits of two top-performing products was produced as well, and the production yielded a huge quantity of high-quality stills. Targeted ads featuring this imagery were deployed across various social channels, with CTAs driving back to a dedicated landing page, which included key brand messaging, high-level product benefit copy and a simple form to capture leads.

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Our team employed an agile marketing approach throughout the initiative, enabling deliverables to be developed, executed, evaluated and refined in real time and in accordance with identified KPIs. We utilized A/B testing methodology to assess the effectiveness of multiple landing page designs and pivoted accordingly midcampaign. This iterative process brought the voice of the customer to the forefront of all marketing communications and optimally positioned Vector Lab Products for future success.