Building a Better Online Experience for a Best-In-Class Building Brand


CENTRIA is a leading manufacturer of insulated metal wall and roof panels designed to help architects, contractors and building owners meet the complex challenges of today’s commercial construction industry, including an online experience. From many of the newest NFL stadiums to state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and beyond, CENTRIA panels play an integral role in some of the most cutting-edge architectural designs of today.

While the business excels at creating forward-thinking solutions for the jobsite, their online experience—consisting of many websites, each targeting a different audience—fell short when it came to conveying the brand story in a streamlined and engaging way.

CENTRIA partnered with Bailey to rethink its approach. Simplicity and ease of use were at the heart of the design objective: to provide all users, including CENTRIA dealers, easy access to information and inspiration with just a few clicks. Our team optimized site organization, workflow, user interface, design and page-level interactions—and conducted research and usability testing to ensure the site met the unique needs of each distinct audience in their online experience.

Emphasizing bold imagery and streamlined content, the new site allows users to browse an interactive design gallery of building projects and click through to see the individual products being used. Detailed information on CENTRIA’s entire product portfolio, including specifications and other relevant documents, is now located directly on the product page. Additionally, dealers can log in for quick access to the dedicated resources they rely on.

The new site also includes many upgrades for CENTRIA’s internal users. By merging all previous platforms for web maintenance, the site streamlines the way employees manage and verify product information. CRM integration provides a clear path for sales reps to capture new business leads and to nurture existing customers.

These changes, combined with the site’s modernized design and functionality, have helped CENTRIA create an online experience  for their customers that better delivers on the brand promise and positioning as a leader and innovator in its field.

Bailey teased the launch of the site via a promotional campaign including video content, emails and social media marketing, all of which emphasized the three guiding principles of the new site: comprehensive information for the brand’s customers, inspiration for architects and the spirit of innovation that defines the CENTRIA brand and range of products.

The new CENTRIA website launched in March 2018 and is already adding value for CENTRIA’s existing customers—and will help its business continue to grow and evolve in the future.


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