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January 2022
Bailey Brand Consulting Improve SEO Rankings with Video 52 Percent of Consumers

Fifty-two percent of consumers say they’re more likely to make a purchase after watching a product video. The figure is impressive—yet it doesn’t tell the whole story.

One critical element that many brands overlook is how (and whether) video integrates with their overall search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Without careful consideration of exactly how and where video content fits into your overall SEO and digital marketing plan, that lavishly produced product showpiece may never make it in front of your target audience.

Before the script is written or the cameras start rolling, brands must understand why their audience is watching: identify search keywords and phrases used to find your products and integrate them directly into your script. This facilitates easy keyword insertion via the video’s title, description, and transcription when posted to a platform like YouTube.

Video can also help support your SEO strategy by driving users to your website, keeping them there longer, and improving your brand’s bounce rate. Users spend 250% more time on pages with video than those without it—and this is key because Google analyzes the “stickiness” of your content and will rank you accordingly as an authority on the topic. This can drive an increase in search engine rankings, web traffic, and conversions.

Another crucial piece of the SEO puzzle is backlinks. A backlink is a type of link that guides users back to your website from an outside source. In the eyes of the search engines, frequently linked content reflects established credibility and expertise, and the algorithm uses these backlinks to determine organic search rankings.

Videos present a critical opportunity to build your backlink network because video is 12 times more likely to be shared than other types of content. In this way, video content grabs your audience's attention while also paving the way for new consumers to find your brand.

How Can Brands Accelerate Website Growth & Improve SEO Via Video

Bailey Brand Consulting Improve SEO Rankings with Video Content

Align All Your Content

Align all your content, including video script, title, description, and transcription—with keywords your target already uses to learn about products.

Bailey Brand Consulting Improve SEO Rankings with Video Camera

Utilize Videos Throughout Your Site

Utilize videos throughout your site to keep users engaged longer, improve your bounce rate, and establish domain authority.

Bailey Brand Consulting Improve SEO Rankings with Video Sharing

Facilitate Easy Sharing

Video is 12 times more likely to be shared than other types of content, improving your referral network and boosting search engine rankings.

Compelling video content—when paired with carefully considered SEO strategy—can accelerate website traffic, increase organic search engine rankings, and ultimately drive conversions. SEO-compliant video presents consumers with highly engaging and easily shareable content while also signaling to search engines that you’re a proven thought leader and subject matter expert.

Viewed through the lens of brand strategy, the benefits of video content are crystal clear. Every frame presents an invaluable opportunity to build brand equity in the eyes of your audience and to influence the algorithms that will enable you to expand it.

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