Cornerstone Building Brands Community Relations Playbook

Cornerstone Building Brands is the largest manufacturer of exterior building products in North America. In Spring of 2021, the organization partnered with Bailey to create and activate a company-wide employee engagement initiative that would help guide local recruiting efforts, employee engagement, broader community outreach and everything in between.

The Bailey team built upon the brand’s recently refreshed Employee Value Proposition [HYPERLINK] and established brand purpose to create a comprehensive community relations playbook, which frames a more formal, strategic approach to outreach through actionable, purpose-driven messaging and a modern design aesthetic showcasing impactful images of cooperation and community.

The Cornerstone Building Brands logo is a central focus throughout, serving as a ubiquitous reminder of the impact and ability of the brand to foster powerful connections while revealing the heart and soul of the organization through the use of negative space.

Cornerstone Connecting Communities Playbook

Bringing the initiative to life in communities across the country

The rollout also included the creation of myriad supporting assets to encourage participation in the program and to serve as an outreach tool with the greater community. The campaign included office and breakroom posters highlighting local volunteer opportunities; T-shirts and yard signs to be distributed at events; and promotional flyers deployed via local papers and programs.

Cornerstone Connecting Communities Brand Ad

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