Three top tips for improving your e-commerce site

Here are three top factors in driving conversion and improving e-commerce sites based on our experience creating great online shopping experiences across both B2B and B2C sites:


  1. Simplicity trumps everything
    Obviously enabling users to find what they are looking for as easily as possible is a top priority. While it’s easier said than done, this usually means simplifying as much as possible—intuitive navigation (consistent across the site), logical product categorization, fewer number of clicks needed, easier search, one-page (if possible) checkout, less cluttered headers and more minimal design.
  2. The experience needs to be seamless across devices
    If users are researching and comparing products on their smartphones and completing the purchase on their tablets, your site needs to make returning to your cart or finding your way back to where you were as easy as possible. Usually, taking a "mobile-first" approach to design helps, and this also tends to force more simplicity given space and usage constraints.
  3. Don’t just redesign; listen and iterate
    Get your employees on board and keep them there. That may mean a big company-wide announcement or brief training sessions. Keep the groups small and the message consistent so that everyone understands the experiences and values of the brand.

As you consider improving your e-commerce results, how will you create the best online shopping experience for your users?

E-commerce needs to work seamlessly across devices

Bailey Brand

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