Marketing for Micromoments in the Mobile Age

Micromoments are the key seconds—or nanoseconds—when people are ready to act, frequently turning to their phones for content to help guide their decisions, either with information, insights, offers or to make a purchase. With the dramatic rise in mobile, people spend more time on their phones than ever before. Often, marketing content can feel like an interruption rather than a welcome intervention, and users will quickly move on to more relevant material. It is vital to catch people’s attention during these micromoments with content that is useful, offers value and is relevant to their immediate needs. If you miss the customer during a micromoment, she may move on to act with another brand or turn to a different interest entirely.


In order to engage with customers during these micromoments, the brand has to know when they are happening. A comprehensive micromoment marketing strategy starts with strong customer interactions and social listening to identify those moments when the target customer is looking for research, offers, comparisons or ways to purchase. Micromoments are really fleeting, so content should be as concise and clear as possible while still offering valuable insights across channels and platforms that help the customer along her journey.


Content should be as easy as possible to access so that pain points are minimized or even eliminated when the customer chooses to act. Make it easy for the customer by ensuring that the site loads quickly, that the information can be accessed with a minimum of clicks and that the purchase process is as seamless as possible.

Micromoment marketing matters

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Smartphones are changing the way people live, interact with others and make decisions. Mobile permeates every aspect of people’s lives, most of which are not related to brand engagement. However, when target customers do turn to mobile for branded content, it is vital that they are able to locate the information they need to act immediately. Brands must ensure that their content offers value and delivers what the customer is looking for before her attention is lost to other brands or other activities.


By anticipating micromoments and offering useful and immediate content in a seamless fashion, brands can capitalize on an action-ready customer who now has the tools to get what she wants right away before she goes away.


As you consider your marketing strategy going forward, how will you market to micromoments to ensure your customer has the content she needs as seamlessly and quickly as possible?


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