Guiding the way to a new brand identity

GPSEG, the Greater Philadelphia Senior Executive Group (now BEACON), is among the most robust professional development and networking organizations in the Delaware Valley region. Comprised of 1,400 business leaders spanning myriad disciplines and industries, GPSEG cultivates a broad perspective on networking and fosters valuable personal connections between its members every day.


Yet the organization struggled with perceptions of who it is and what it does. Some members and prospective members believed GPSEG skewed disproportionately toward older executives, those actively “in transition” (i.e., looking for employment) or those only in the immediate Philadelphia metropolitan area. A big change was necessary to address these misconceptions and reposition the organization for the future.


Bailey led the rebranding effort, setting out to first clarify the vision and values of GPSEG. The insight we uncovered through workshop sessions, large-scale surveys and in-depth interviews with key stakeholders enabled us to better understand the true value of the organization and how it fits into the lives of its members. The initiative also included a renaming effort, eventually settling on “BEACON.”


BEACON positions the organization as a leading light and a guiding force in its members’ professional lives. It represents the infinite potential, possibilities and professional connections fostered every day through its shared culture of helping and giving.


The change enables BEACON to more clearly communicate its principles—not just among members, but in the broader business community as well. The new brand was formally put to vote in fall 2016 and received resounding support from both the board of directors and members. As the rollout continues, the organization is excited to see how this new identity shapes its future in 2017 and beyond.


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