Foundation Consumer Healthcare

Deconstructing a decongestant to rebuild the brand

Neo-Synephrine is a nasal decongestant brand with an extensive 75+ year history. Offering 4-hour relief while many competing brands claimed 12—and with significantly less shelf space than competitors—Neo needed a way to stand out at shelf, highlight its 4-hour claim and attract a younger, more modern audience. That’s where Bailey came in.


Bailey worked alongside Foundation Consumer Healthcare to update packaging for all three Neo-Synephrine varieties (Mild, Regular and Extra), paying particular attention to the treatment of the logo. The new packages feature brighter, more attractive colors and more prominent logo placement with emphasis on the prefix, “Neo.”


Next, Bailey addressed messaging. Though many consumers might instinctively reach for a package claiming additional hours of relief, research suggested that a significant segment of the audience actually preferred the flexibility offered by more frequent dosing. Bailey turned the challenge into an advantage, with new packages proudly claiming “Powerful relief you can use every 4 hours.”


Foundation Consumer Healthcare is thrilled with the results, and the new packaging is now on pharmacy shelves across the country.

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