Creating a Conference Experience Worthy of a Revolutionary Technology


How do you use conference experience to bring a product to life? GS1 US Mobile Scan represents a transformational change in business, and Bailey was brought on board to help convey that message at the GS1 Connect® 2016 conference in Washington, DC. From concept to design, our team created an interactive, experiential destination that brought the GS1 US Mobile Scan message to life.

GS1 has maintained the global standards for barcodes for over 40 years, and is expanding and evolving on that technology even today. GS1 US Mobile Scan is just one example, and it takes the power of product identification to the next level by improving the speed of checkout and putting relevant product information—including recipes, allergens, coupons, promotions and videos—directly at consumers’ fingertips.

Divided into four stations representing unique consumer use cases, the conference experience introduced attendees to the technology in a dynamic and engaging way. Conference-goers participated in demonstrations featuring a range of products across categories, which, when scanned via a mobile device, returned content ranging from full-fledged mobile applications to YouTube how-to videos, critical product information and more.

Additionally, the conference experience featured a supermarket scanning challenge to demonstrate the speed and ease of using GS1 US Mobile Scan at checkout. Attendees scanned a number of consumer packaged goods as quickly as possible, with results indicating how their overall efficiency compared to traditional barcode scanning.


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