Product Packaging: Creating A Celebratory Aesthetic For a Celebrated Brand


With a colorful history dating back to 1869, Welch’s juices, jams, jellies and spreads have made the brand a household name—both across the country and around the world. In 2014, product packaging and design specialist Bailey Brand Consulting partnered with Welch’s to help bring their latest idea to life: non-alcoholic sparkling juice cocktail blends for celebratory occasions and events. The line proved a huge success, though with seasonal appeal tied to the holiday season and New Year’s Eve.

How could Welch’s deliver on the popularity of the product in the heat of the summer? The brand again partnered with Bailey to help bring its vision to life. Reformulated as a frozen concentrate, Welch’s Sangria and Mango Bellini are canned cocktail blends in fun, summer flavors. Bailey designed product packaging with vibrant colors tied to the ingredients and an illustrated background pattern adding to the festive aesthetic. The title treatment also uniquely reflects the drink, with a wineglass backdrop for Sangria and a champagne flute for Mango Bellini. Lastly, both varieties feature simple serving suggestions in the form of delicious cocktail recipes consumers can prepare and enjoy in minutes.

Building on the success of the original line of sparkling juice cocktail blends, Bailey created an iconic new look for Welch’s that’s perfectly suited to the summer season. Look for Sangria and Mango Bellini on retailer shelves near you.


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