Your customers don’t get bored of your brand as quickly as you do

Creating a consistent brand message across all marketing touchpoints helps customers get to know you and depend on you. And dependability matters: Customers will place greater trust in brands that give them what they expect rather than sending mixed signals. Think of it as letting your customers get to know you through your branding, helping to build an emotional connection that will deepen over time. As you build a dependable relationship, ensure that all your materials are offering the same message, helping your customers know exactly what they are getting time and again.

Best in branding: The brand as an extension of the self

Bailey Brand

In practical terms, you must ensure that your look, tone, terminology, voice and framing are consistent across your brand. If you use a whimsical tone in social media, don’t offer sterile packaging and austere colors in your advertising. Be sure to establish Brand Standards Guidelines that are implemented across all touchpoints and clearly communicate what you stand for. And stick to them! While you might be eager to constantly update, your customers aren’t thinking about your brand 24 hours a day and are just getting to know you. It takes time to build perceptions in people’s minds—evolve when there is a strategic reason to do so, but don’t change just for the sake of change.


Ideally, your branding will be so cohesive that customers will immediately associate your product with all of your marketing materials. A consistent marketing message will work for you: As customers associate your marketing with your brand, they will begin to think of your product as soon as they’ve been cued by the materials, sometimes without even seeing the product itself.


As you consider your marketing strategy going forward, how will you protect your message and ensure brand consistency?