Bailey Video Podcast: How Supply Chain Can Impact Brand Perception

September 2023

The Bailey Video Podcast is an ongoing web series centered on brand creation and development. In each episode, Bailey’s branding experts are joined by industry leaders and subject matter experts to candidly discuss some of the most important topics facing brands and businesses today.

Our latest episode features insights on supply chain optimization and the importance of brands fulfilling their promises. Chris Bailey, President and CEO of Bailey Brand Consulting, is joined by John Inwright, Chairman of the GS1 US Board of Governors and former President and CEO of Wendy’s Quality Supply Chain Cooperative, to discuss the value of supply chain optimization—from the highest to the lowest levels.

View the conversation now. Discussion points include:

  • How does a well-functioning supply chain differentiate a business from its competition?
  • Which brands maintained highly effective supply chains during the pandemic and how?
  • When a brand fails to live up to its promises to consumers, how can it win them back?
  • How can supply chain decisions account for inflation and increased prices as a factor in consumers’ buying habits?
  • How do increased concerns about ethics and sustainability affect supply chain concerns?
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To learn more about this topic or to discuss an issue impacting your business, contact Bailey’s Vice President of Client Services, Jamie Gailewicz, at 610-818-3103 or email us at [email protected].

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